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Dezember 2021

Das transatlantische Flaschenpostprojekt 2016

2, May 2020.  Emily C. aus New York findet in Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island die erste Nachricht aus dem dritten und bisher letzten Flaschenpostprojekt im Jahr 2016.

Der erste Fund auf der anderen Seite des Atlantiks, leider ohne Flasche und ohne Skulptur, aber trotz Trump und Corona!

Die blaue Blume

ehret + klein 

J'aime le parfum des livres

Montmartre, Paris Oktober 2018

J'aime le parfum des livres

La Moulinette, Paris, Montmartre

Oktober 2018

Das Transatlantische Flaschenpostprojekt 2016

Dritter und letzter Teil der Transatlantischen Flaschenpost. Auf der Reise von Hamburg nach New York an Bord der Queen Mary 2 im Rahmen der Jubiläumsreise der Hamburger Wochenzeitung "Die Zeit" wird die Trilogie vollendet.
Allmannshausen - Hamburg - New York
15. Juli - 24. Juli 2016
Die " Transatlantische Flaschenpost" erscheint auch 2016 als limitierte Edition in kleiner Auflage. 

28. Juli 2015 Die erste Flasche der transatlantischen Flaschenpost 2015 ist gefunden!!!

Hi Hans,

Just a quick note to let you know that we discovered one of your bottles whilst walking on the beach at Rhossili Bay on the Gower Peninsula in Wales UK on 28th July 2015.

It is very appropriate that it was found by my wife and daughter who have recently arrived from Iguazu Falls in Argentina after a long transatlantic journey (by plane).

After 18 years in Argentina we are now looking to settle in Wales having acquired a historic hotel in Builth Wells last year which is currently being renovated.

Good luck with your work and future projects!!!

The bottle was spotted by Cristina Luna and our daughter Sofia Evans Luna (7 years old) picked it up from the beach in Rhossili.

Kind regards
Danny Evans 

do not leave the church in the village

Abwurf der 10.ten Flaschenpost

New York 1. Juli 2014

Die zweite Flaschenpost ist gefunden

Isle of wight / England 16. September 2014

Dear Hans, I have great pleasure in telling you I have found 1 of your 10 bottles! I found your ship in a bottle last week at a Yarmouth beach on the isle of wight, uk. infact on that day something astonishing happened, not only did I find my first ever message in a bottle I found 3 messages in bottles all on the same beach within 1 hour. as this was such an unusual find I decided not to open the bottles. I contacted my local news to tell them of my finds and they did a story on it. I took the bottles to the news studio today and the report will be shown on 'Meridian news between 6:00pm and 6:30 pm tomorrow the 16th. The main reason I wanted to get the bottles shown on TV was to get some coverage for my face book group I set up "isle of wight beach cleaning volunteers" .

where was the bottle dropped into the sea? was it Southampton? it would be great to hear back from you, here is a link to our page, you can see some photos and keep up to date with the story.

Die dritte Flaschenpost ist gefunden

26. Oktober. 2014
Stéphanie und Ihre Familie finden die dritte Flaschenpost in der Bretagne. 
Es ist die Flasche mit dem Streichholz, abgeworfen am 25. Juni 
2014. Zurückgelegte Distanz: ca 400 Seemeilen